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Data Centre Audits


The need for a data centre audit may be driven by many different fators depending on where a client is in the data centre development cycle. As such we tailor our audits to suits the business needs of the customer. Typical audits would focus on some of the following.


          Operational Best Practice.

          Power and Cooling reliability.

          Capacity planning and expansion options,

          Energy efficiency and cooling optimisation.

          Tier Gap analysis,

          Single point of failure analysis

          New data centre design analysis 


if you are building a data centre and require a second opinion on your design, please feel free to ask us for a complete design review. As the first and most experienced Uptime Accredited Tier Designer in Ireland I shall be happy to provide a pier review of your current design proposals.


Data Centre Operations Best Practice


This data centre audit will conside the best proactice associated with operations an maintenance processes in you facility including the critcal infrastructure, staffing considerations, approiate O&M processes, tools and procedures needed to suport the demands of 24/7/forever expectations.


As the robustness and associated complexity of critical infrastructures has increased to allow for improved fault tolerance and concurrent maintenance capabilities, the importance of establishing equally robust O&M practices to manage these facilities has become apparent. Studies show that 60% or more of "impact events" where critical missions have been compromised are associated with human activity. This activity includes routine switching and reconfiguration of critical systems, maintenance tasks and, of course, human error.


The focus of this audit will be in line with the Uptime Maintenance and Opertions requirements providing an alternative to the costy Uptime stamp.

Data Centre Tier Gap Analysis


In an attempt to uderstand the resilience of their facility many data centre owners look to compare their current facility against a particular standard. The standards commonly used by te data centre industry are as follows.


  • TIA942 – American Data Center Standard

  • EN50600 – European Data Centre Standard

  • The Uptime Institute 


By carrying out a gap analysis against these standards you can understand the reliability of you infrastructure and its exposure to unplanned adn planned outage events. 

Data Centre Efficieny Audit


Controlling data center costs presents ongoing challenges for facility managers. One of the biggest expenses incurred is power consumption. The need for improving energy efficiency in data center facilities has become a top priority.


One of the smartest steps you can adopt as a data center facility manager to reduce power consumption is to conduct an effective energy audit periodically. An energy audit is nothing but a review of your building’s main power consumption aspects such as IT load, cooling infrastructure, materialistic power losses, and operational power consumption.


Our data centre efficiency audit benchamarks your current energy usage in terms of PUE and following a non intrusive assessment we deliver a schedule of mplementable measure which will effect significent power reduction in your facility.

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