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Data Centre Design


To clearly identify the immediate requirements of your new data centre build or upgrade, we create a technical design brief with clients, which takes into account potential future needs.

Dedication to your data centre is just one reason why we are the data centre provider of choice. By placing you at the core of our business we can develop an accurate understanding of your precise needs.



Our unique combination of knowledge enables our data centre team to offer the newest technologies at the highest standard and Availability. These technologies include InRow Cooling, Reardoor Cooling, In cabinet Cooling, Cold and Hot Aisle Containment, Soft Containment, Flywheel Technologies and CHP 



Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is an advanced engineering tool for the analysis of cooling architecture, allowing our designers to optimise your data centre to achieve the smallest carbon footprint, demonstrate immediate cost savings, maximise energy efficiency and PUE, all without compromise.


By providing a proof of concept for all cooling technologies early in the design phase, our CFD capability allows us to communicate detailed technical considerations easily to all stakeholders.

As your data centre populates, CFD provides you with the information required to expand intelligently, determining the best location to place high density IT loads, as well as most efficient running conditions at part-load. This ensures your facility has the lowest PUE no matter the current utilisation. Download our CFD whitepaper to learn of further benefits of CFD enhanced design.



Free Cooling is an viable option in all Irish locations and is a technology that can provide high sustainability benefits for your facility.


When temperature and humidity levels are favourable, air and water economisers can use up to 100% of outside ambient air temperatures to help meet specific data centre requirements.

Free Cooling lowers the level of energy required for precision cooling, subsequently reducing demand placed on CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) units and chilled water systems.

Arrange a data centre audit with our consultants to provide a critical assessment of your cooling recommendations and location

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