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Data Centre Operations


Besides the level of infrastructure redundancy within your data center, consistency of procedures for operations, maintenance and support of the critical infrastructure systems are key to ensuring continuous availability. In fact, the Uptime Institute created a specific sub-category called Operational Sustainability to define and evaluate operational procedures, as an addition to their well recognized Tier Classification rating system.


Proper facilities management procedures and 7×24 availability of qualified support and maintenance staff for the mission critical systems such as UPS, power distribution, back-up generators and cooling systems are key to ensuring continuous availability. The importance of this factor should not be underestimated, and there are significant ongoing costs of hiring and retaining the required highly specialized and qualified personnel.

Top 10 data centre operating procedures.

Schedule of data centre ops documentation.

Data Centre Operations & Facilities Health Check


Data centre operators wishing to reduce the risk of downtime due to human error can now avail of our data centre health check. This service focuses on your data centre operations, documentation, capacity management and the condition and preventative maintenance of M&E infrastructure. In addition, all elements of the fire systems, security systems and the health and safety of the facility shall be audited. All audit reports shall be accessible through a secure client branded portal allowing ease of access for all approved parties.









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Data Centre Operations & Facilities Health Check

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