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Whether this is a traditional direct expansion (DX), chilled water or a combination of both to offer free cooling capabilities, the CRAC unit can be used as a stand-alone product, within a networked group or with closed architecture.


The CRAC unit has evolved over the years and now offers various energy saving features. This includes EC fans, which reduce the energy use of the fans by up to 70% compared to traditional AC powered fans. Inverter powered fans and compressors maximise energy efficiencies at part loads. Dual circuit free cooling offers up to 46% reduction in energy use. These features and many more are proven to achieve a PUE of 1.6 or below.


The traditional Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) system is still the most common type of cooling used within a data centre. Able to serve low to medium-density racks through down flow or up flow configurations, the CRAC unit offers great flexibility both in terms of application and budgets.

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