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Cooling Medium

Whether floor mounted or overhead, inrow cooling solutions consist of fans and a cooling coil. Depending on the product, the cooling coil will utilize chilled water or refrigerant as the cooling medium. In the case of refrigerant based units, they require a connection to a remote condenser system; while chilled water based units traditionally connect to chiller systems.

  • Warm and cool air does not have far to travel

  • Allows the units to dissipate high heat loads quicker

  • Scalable approach to cooling your data center

  • Floor MountThe floor mount, inrow air conditioner couples the functionality of a perimeter CRAC (computer room air conditioner) unit with a significantly smaller footprint. These products are embedded in rows of data center cabinets, supporting a conventional hot aisle/cold aisle layout.

  • OverheadOverhead units have a unique value proposition. Suspended from the ceiling or housed on top of a cabinet, these units conserve valuable floor space, leaving more room for servers, storage, and switches. Overhead systems allow cooling-strapped data centers to add capacities without new construction.

Inrow cooling precisely cools and conditions air in close proximity to the servers by being positioned directly in the aisles. This ensures that the cold air that is being created is delivered to the target servers with little chance of air loss through bypass or recirculation. Inrow units can be installed on the floor or suspended from overhead. This setup offers both capacity and efficiency gains.

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