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Cold Aisle Containment Systems















  • Provides focused cooling at the rack

  • Can cool higher heat loads typically up to 10-15kW (raised floor)

  • Minimizes cold and hot air mixing so the return temperature to the cooling unit is higher

  • Cold aisle containment combined with Inrow cooling can cool more than 30kW heat load per rack


Potential code issues regarding fire protection – Contact the local fire authority to discuss any aisle containment plans to make sure that codes are followed.

Environment for personnel – Because the contained aisle approach separates the cold and hot air, the temperatures in the room will change. Room UPS and other equipment outside the cold row should be considered.

Expandability – Racks inside the aisle containment must be expanded in even numbers. Additional expandable aisle panels must be installed for odd gap openings in the row between racks.

Plug Leaks – The data center should plug leaks both around the 19-inch rails in front of the racks and in the U space among the rack mounts by using blanking panels. Plug holes in raised floors around cabling with floor grommets.

The Cold Aisle Containment (CAC) approach encloses the cold aisle with ceiling panels above the aisle between adjoining racks and with doors at the end of the aisle. This allows the cold air from the perforated floor tiles in front of the cabinets to be contained and delivered to the server equipment air inlets. The CAC prevents cold air from mixing with warm air or being obstructed by surrounding equipment/sources before it reaches the servers. Because CAC possesses this ability, it is called focused cooling.

Hard containment systems

Soft containment systems

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